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Competitive Team Registration

You will need to complete the following to receive player cards and a roster:

- Competitive Roster Form

- Competitive Parental Consent Form

- Coaches Registration Form

- Medical release form

Here is a link to those forms.  http://sunflowersoccer.org/site/index.php/forms-rules

  Fees:  $35 Team Registration (this fee is waived if you are playing in the Classic League)

             $13 per player

             $20 per coach

Thinking about Competitive Soccer? Here are some FAQ's:

If you register for recreational soccer before the early registration deadline at SSA and make one of the teams listed, we will refund your full registration fee.  Please email us after you accept a position on a team with your child's name and the team name.  

How do I know if my child is ready for competitive soccer?

- The player has a high interest level in soccer and practices on his or her own or with friends

- The player seems bored with the recreational competition level

- The player sees higher-level players and wants to be like them

- The player is mature enough to commit to more frequent practices and more strenuous training.  Teams will practice at least twice per week. 

-  The player likes competition

What will be asked of the player and the parents when the child is chosen for a competitive team?

- Regular attendance at all practices and games. If a player cannot attend, he or she or the parents must notify the coach as soon as possible.  Players need to arrive ON TIME.

- If playing multiple sports, coaches will expect the player to prioritize soccer above other sports when conflicts occur.

- Responsibility for equipment and uniforms. Players should learn to take care of their equipment and uniforms and bring them when required.

- Financial responsibility. Parents should budget the costs of competitive soccer and prepare to take care of expenses in a timely manner.

- Maintain standards of behavior. Players and parents must control their actions and words. The level of play in comp/select becomes more physical as players move through the age groups and skill levels. Players must learn to keep their play and their emotions under control on the field. Parents must remain quiet and allow the coaches to address any issues with players and referees.

- Help in team organization and other tasks. Running a competitive team is more complex than a recreational team. Many teams break tasks down across multiple parent team managers. It is usually completely overwhelming for one person to do anything.

Typical costs for Competitive Player

- Annual league registration fees:  professional coaching fees for training and league-scheduled games, field usage, field equipment, and associated referee fees. 

- Uniforms: each player needs to order a team uniform kit.

- Tournaments:  Most competitive teams will participate in a minimum of 2 tournaments (and often more at the older age groups) annually, and these expenses are incremental.


Contact Info

Phone: 785-233-9700  

Fax: 785-233-0135

Weather Hotline:  785-233-7099


Sunflower Soccer Complex Map


No smoking is allowed

No pets allowed

No alcoholic beverages allowed

No guns allowed


Sept 27 - Volunteer Sign-Up Day for Harvest Cup

Oct 11 - Westar Green Team Plant Trees

Oct 18 & 19 - Harvest Cup-Girls (formerly Governor's Cup)

Oct 25 & 26 - Harvest Cup-Boys (formerly Governor's Cup)


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Contact Us

Facility Address

4829 NW 17th St

Topeka, KS 66618

Mailing Address

PO Box 750194

Topeka, KS  66675

Sunflower Soccer Association

Founded in 1983, Sunflower Soccer Association is the predominant youth soccer organization in the Topeka area. Beginning with just a handful of teams when the organization was originally founded, 170 boys and girls teams now play under the Sunflower Soccer Association umbrella. Sunflower also hosts and manages the Governor’s Cup every spring season, drawing in competitive teams from all over the Midwest.