Sunflower Soccer Association Policies

  1. Board Procedures for Modification of Rules of Play
  2. 2. SSA Support of Coach Training
  3. 3. Registration & Player Fees
  4. 4. Use of SSA Property
  5. 5. Tournament Administration
  6. 6. Mailings of the Association
  7. 7.  Weather Information
  8. 8. No Penalty Area Warm-Up
  9. 9. Sidelines Rules of Play
  10. 10. Financial Procedures
  11. 11. Referee Development
  12. 12. Appeals and Disciplinary Committee
  13. 13. Apparent Authority
  14. 14. Conflict of Interest
  15. 15. SSA Support for Use of SSA Properties for Non-League Activities


Policy Statement 1: Board Procedures for Modification of Rules of Play

This policy is designed to clarify, and place in writing, the policy of SSA in regard to rules of play.


Any Trustee may propose any change to the SSA Rules of Play at any time. It is recommended that copies of an announcement be provided in advance of a Board meeting. Any such proposal must:

Initial Action by the Board

a. Be submitted in writing.

b. Identify each rule, which is to be changed or affected by  the proposal.

c. Detail the language to be deleted and the new language  to be added.

d. Describe the purpose of the rule or change to a rule.

During the Board meeting at which an announcement is provided, the Board may vote to support the change, as it is written, support the change as amended, or vote to kill the proposal. A proposal that is supported by the Board will automatically be held until the following meeting where it will be placed in Old Business to be voted on. A two- thirds vote of majority of the Board is needed to pass a change of the Rules of Play. If the Board votes to rejects the change, that change may not be brought before the Board for a twelve-month period.


The effective date of any change must be in accordance with the dates approved for member institutions by Kansas Youth Soccer, as revised by the most current rules of Kansas Youth Soccer.

Provided for in this policy are the SSA Generalized Rules of Play for all age divisions. Rules of play can be found on the Sunflower Soccer Association website.

Policy Statement 2: SSA Support of Coach Training

This policy is designated to clarify, and place in writing, the policy of SSA to encourage and support the education of its coaches. The policy recognizes that the Association encourages its coaches to receive

soccer related training and education at every available opportunity.

Training Materials

SSA supports the purchase of training materials and videos for its members. The Association will budget monies for the purchase of training or educational materials every fiscal year.

State Certified Training Courses

SSA encourages all volunteer coaches to participate in the Grassroots training courses. The courses are developed and certified by KSYSA.All Topeka Soccer Club coaches will be required to take the appropriate Grassroots course.

Policy Statement 3: Registration & Player Fees

This policy is designed to clarify, and place in writing, the policy of SSA in regard to the fee charged of applicants and the process used to encourage early registration.

Fee Waived/Scholarship Program

Fees of any SSA program may be waived in whole or in part based on hardship for an individual. Any request for SSA to waive any or all the cost of the registration fee must be in writing, must accompany the registration form and must be under separate cover. The Executive Director is charged with determining the merit of the request, identifying the portion of the player fee to be waived and the recording of such waivers for use by future registrars. Participation in any fundraiser sponsored by SSA is required for any player receiving any or all the player fee waived. Based upon need recreational fees can be broken down into manageable payments.

It is the intent of the Board that the scholarship program be used to allow children to experience the game of soccer, not to finance on-going participation. It is the policy of the Board to limit a waiver of fees to not more than two seasons per individual. A season is any period, spring or fall, in which a new registration form is required to participate.

The Executive Director is required to submit to the Board of Trustees the number of scholarships awarded, and the total of fees waived.

Medical Limitations: Due to the potential injury to any player, individuals with a hard cast on (including but not limited too) the forearm, upper arm or leg/foot will not be permitted to play, if the cast is deemed dangerous. Simple ace wraps, finger splints and knee braces with full sheath covers are permitted.

If a player suffers a head injury or concussion, then that player may not return until a doctor’s note is received by the SSA office.

Player Safety: Earrings are not allowed. Players will be required to remove earrings by referees. FIFA Law 4 states “A player must not use equipment or wear anything which is dangerous to himself or another player (including any kind of jewelry).

Competitive Club Policies:

The club shall be called Topeka Soccer Club. All players shall be registered through Sunflower Soccer Club.


Tryouts will be scheduled according to the policies set by Kansas Youth Soccer Association. Teams will be formed based upon calendar year age groups as mandated by USYSA. Players playing up an age is the decision of the team coach.

Program Cost

Participation in the program does require a financial commitment. The annual fee of $500 will be broken down into two separate $250 fees – one for Fall and one for Spring. This fee can be broken down into two or three equal payments and covers the cost of league fees, two tournament fees, administrative fees and practice fees. Additional costs such as an extra tournament, uniforms or professional coaching clinics are the responsibility of the team parents. All competitive fees are paid directly to Sunflower Soccer Association.


All players / families within the Topeka Soccer Club program agree to participate from August through May of each seasonal year. At a minimum this includes a Fall and Spring outdoor season, plus four tournaments selected by the team officials. At least two practices per week occur during the outdoor seasons, and many teams will have a Winter game or practice schedule. Players and families are expected to honor the commitment they make to the team, as well as their financial obligations. Families who do not pay their fees in a timely manner will be listed as players in poor standing with KSYSA, disallowing them from playing in any Club programs, until fees are brought current. It is suggested, and highly recommended, that families experiencing financial hardships contact the office staff immediately. All suspensions will be the decision of the Executive Director.

Uniform fees

Required items:

2 jerseys, 2 shorts, and one pair of socks.

TSC will provide a training top that can be worn by players.

Optional items

Warm up jacket and pants


Refund policy and financial assistance

There are no refunds on uniforms.

There will be no refunds on any of the first payments due for each season. Players planning to leave the club before the end of the seasonal year must notify the office of their intentions and fulfill all financial obligations before being released.

TSC / SSA has a limited pool of funds available to provide financial assistance to players from low income families who cannot afford the full cost of our Competitive program. Eligibility for financial assistance is based upon verified family income and the availability of funds. Final decisions will be made by the Executive Director.

Recreational Team Formation

Recreational teams are formed base on the July 31 deadline. Children will be placed in age divisions based on how old they are on July 31st. Recreational teams are formed by the association registrar. The child’s school and address will be considered when making assignments. Requests cannot be guaranteed. SSA does allow coaches to submit a roster of returning players in order to keep these teams together.

SSA will create divisions to ensure competitive play. Team placement is determined by the Executive Director.

Recreational Player Fees

Registration with SSA provides assignment of an applicant to a team in a division, which has other players of the same age and/or gender. Divisions can vary from those with multiple birth years to those with a single birth year. The season includes eight matches.

Regular Registration 

The Regular Registration period is determined by the Executive Director prior to each season. The Regular Registration Fee is determined by the Board of Trustees. Registration for players is open continuously from the end of the previous season until the Regular Registration deadline. Registration periods and rates will be posted on the registration form and on the web site.


The Late-registration period is that period which occurs after Regular Registration. This period reflects that teams have been formed. Registrations received during Late- Registration are placed on a waiting list based on the order of when their registration was received and will be used to fill existing teams and are not assured of being placed on a team.


Payments will be returned to any applicant that could not be placed on a team because the division is full. Payments, except for an administrative fee of $25, will be returned to any paid applicant placed on a team that does not wish to play during the season. No refunds will be issued once games have started.

Registration Fees

Fees will be set by the Board of Trustees and reviewed annually.

Playing Up for Recreational Players

It is the policy of SSA to assign players in age divisions in which their birth year places them. Playing up is allowed under the following situations:

Family hardship. When a written request is received from a family which indicates they are unable to coordinate the activities of several children on various teams because they are a single parent household, because of financial constraints or because of developmental problems with a younger sibling which needs assistance from the older sibling, the exception can be granted if the parents state that they are aware of the inherent dangers of such a placement, release SSA from all liability and accept all associated risks, known or unknown, using the form provided.

Policy Statement 4: Use of SSA Property

The establishment of a policy by the Board reflecting its intent regarding the use of its property by volunteers will help eliminate confusion and provide direction to the Executive Director in the conduct of the Association.

Statement of Policy

The use of soccer goals or other equipment, which is owned by SSA, but not in current use, may be requested by any coach or organization for use by teams registered with SSA. No person or organization may acquire any such property for any purpose without receiving permission in advance and in writing through the Executive Director.


The Executive Director or the Board of Trustees shall have the authority to approve or disapprove requests for use of property. SSA shall maintain a current record of loaned property if a report would be needed for the Board.

Physical Assets/Personal Property

Each year before the last month of the fiscal year, the Executive Director shall prepare and/or update an inventory of the physical assets/personal property of SSA. Such inventory shall include:

(a) A specific description of the asset including brand name, model and serial number of the asset;

(b) The approximate value of the asset.


Teams registered through SSA will be permitted to practice at the complex. The fees are part of the registration fee. The practice schedule and field assignments are created by the Executive Director. SSA reserves the right to move and / or cancel practices due to field conditions or rescheduled games. No teams may practice at the complex without the permission of the Executive Director. Teams are responsible for moving borrowed equipment back to the appropriate storage area.

Policy Statement 5: Tournament Administration

All SSA tournaments should be conducted in a manner that reflects the intent and desires of the Board. This 

policy statement is to outline the basic premises for management of the tournament while providing flexibility for the Tournament Director to make agreements as needed to conduct the tournament.



Each division in the tournament will have 1stand 2nd place awards. Additional awards are at the discretion of the tournament director.

Compensation of Tournament Workers

Compensation of the tournament workers is the responsibility of the Director. However, most all tournament workers must be volunteer in nature and do not receive monetary compensation.

Waiver of Entry Fees or Other Charges

A waiver of entry fees may be used to attract in-town or out-of-town teams to the tournament on an emergency basis to complete divisions. The Director may use a waiver of fees or charges in exchange for volunteer help performed on behalf of the tournament.

Policy Statement 6: Mailings of the Association

The purpose of this policy is to clarify who may issue mailings to members of the Association, its players, parents, volunteers, donors and related persons.

Use of Mailing Lists

No person other than the Board, Executive Director or Director of Operations may issue any item to any group of persons, a majority of whom has SSA as the common relationship, without specific approval by the Board of any list of SSA related names, with or without addresses, phone numbers, zip codes or other information without specific approval of the Board. Any person that requests any list of names must provide to the Board or Executive Director the purpose of the use for such list and a copy of any mailer or material, which would be distributed.


(a) It is the policy of the Board to release one-time-use lists of names on mailing labels to

coaches of players in specific age divisions for the free agent period wherein the person plans to coach a competitive team that will register through Sunflower Soccer Association. A nominal fee is required for the release of such lists.

(b) It is the policy of the Board to release lists, which include volunteers of the Association for purposes of improving communication between parents, coaches, commissioners, and officers and officials of the Association. No specific approval is required by the Board for any person to release lists of names of Board members, commissioners and committee chairs and members. In addition, approval is hereby provided for the release of coaches’ and commissioners’ names and phone numbers on game schedules.

Use of Sunflower Soccer Name, Logo’s Likeness Restricted

Use of “Sunflower Soccer Association”; “SSA”; “Sunflower Soccer”;“Topeka Soccer Club”, “TSC” and other related names and official logo’s or their likeness must be approved in advance by the Board or the Executive Director.

Policy Statement 7: Inclement Weather Information

The purpose of this policy is to provide consistent and clear procedures on how, when and why games will be cancelled due to inclement weather conditions or poor field conditions, and how the Association members will be notified.

The Executive Director and staff will evaluate and determine the weather and field conditions. If no staff are present the Field Marshal on duty at the time of questioned matches will make the decision.

Evaluation Guidelines

Because the fall and spring soccer seasons may have extreme high and low temperatures the following competition guidelines have been established. Weather will be monitored on the website and Weather-Bug app.

Heat Temperature or Heat Index 105degrees and up: No outside activities 90 to 104 degrees: Water breaks shall be taken at approximately the mid-point of any half of play exceeding 20 minutes. The heat policy is based on the Heat Acclimatization and Heat Prevention Position Statement authored by the National Federation of State High School Association and its Sports Medicine Advisory Committee.

If the air temperature or wind chill is less than 30 degrees, no outside activities are permitted.

Severe Weather policy – No activities will be allowed at the complex during periods of lightning within 8 miles of the complex and tornado warnings. If a warning is issued during play, play will be suspended immediately due to the lack of storm shelter at the complex. Play can be resumed no earlier than 20 minutes after the last lightning strike.

Tournament Exemption: The above heat and cold weather plans may be suspended for tournament play at the discretion of the tournament director.


SSA staff is charged with informing all members using social media, web-site and

Policy Statement 8: No Penalty Area Warm-Up

The purpose of this policy is to provide consistent application of conduct and proper internal controls to safeguard the fields at the Sunflower Soccer Complex, by not allowing any play in the penalty area of each field, prior to, or after, any match on game weekends. Reserving play in the penalty areas of each field to only matches will preserve the goalmouths of each field.

Management and Control

(a) SSA staff and Field Marshals will encourage coaches to follow this policy.

(b) Any and all members of the Association shall have the right or responsibility to report to the field marshal, or any referee, anyone who is using the penalty are outside of a soccer match.

Failure to Comply with Warm-Up Policy

(a) Once an individual is reported of using the penalty area for play outside of any scheduled match, a field marshal or referee must report to the Executive Director indicating the coach or name of the team practicing in the Penalty area, time of incident, date & field location.

(b) The Executive Director shall notify the reported violator prior to the next weekend of scheduled matches by telephone or U.S. Mail, that practicing in the penalty area is not allowed and a copy of this policy must be presented to the violator.

(c) All offences shall be maintained on file at the Sunflower Soccer Office for two years to track repeat offenders.

(d) If the Field Marshal Report Form indicates a persistent offender of this policy, the Disciplinary Committee shall notify, by U.S. Mail, said offender to appear at the next scheduled Disciplinary Committee meeting for any disciplinary action required. (Three reports of violation per coach or team shall be considered persistent violation).


The discipline of any persistent offender of this policy shall rest entirely on the Board of Trustees for action it sees fit. This discipline may include sanctions ranging from monetary fines to suspension.

Policy Statement 9: Sideline Rules of Play

The purpose of this policy is to provide consistent application of conduct and proper internal controls to safeguard the players, coaches, referees and U.S. Soccer Rules of Play.

Fields of Play: 

Teams will occupy the same side of the field, with parents occupying the opposite side of the field.

Coaches and all players not awaiting substitution must be in their respective areas. Coaches, players and supporters must stay at least five (5) feet back from the touchline for the assistant referee to be able to make appropriate calls.

Sideline behavior:

Coaches and parents are encouraged to use appropriate behavior before, during and after games. Any inappropriate behavior will be reported to the Executive Director and could possibly result in consequences. 

Coach and parent code of conducts:

Both coach and parent code of conducts are published on the Sunflower Soccer Association website. It is expected that coaches and parents follow these guidelines and adhere to the expectations contained in the documents.

Policy Statement 10: Financial Procedures

It is the purpose of these financial policies to provide consistent application of conduct and proper internal controls to safeguard the assets of the Association while performing the duties as described in the Association’s By-Laws and Rules. To this end, all funds raised and dispersed in the name of the

Association must be managed in such a way that the tax-exempt status of the Association will not be endangered.

Management and Control

The President, Treasurer, Executive Director and Director of Operations shall be in regular contact concerning the financial performance of the Association.

General Requirements of all Association accounts

All income of the Association shall be deposited into, and all expenses shall be paid from the following approved accounts as directed by the Board: operating account; money market savings account, which shall be interest bearing and shall be used for Complex Development, which shall  be maintained by the Executive Director, reporting to the treasurer of the Association; all Association and committee accounts shall be accessible by the Treasurer and the Executive Director.

Location of Accounts

The accounts of the Association shall be maintained by the Treasurer and Executive Director, or a designee. Operating accounts must be placed in institutions insured by FDIC or by another federally insured institution. The Treasurer and Executive Director shall be mindful that the account shall not exceed the maximum amount, which is insured.

Name of Accounts

Accounts of the Association shall be in the Association’s name. 

Signatures Required

Checks for the payment of expenses shall be approved by the Executive Director or the Treasurer and shall be signed by any of the following: the President, Vice-President, Treasurer or Executive Director.

Checks less than or equal to $1500.00 may have one manual signature. Checks over $1500.00 must have two manual signatures. Checks for recurring expenses, such as utilities or grounds maintenance may be issued with just one signature. 

Receipts of the Association

All income of the Association shall be placed into Association accounts.  Collecting Financial Receipts:

An employee of the Association shall open all mail and stamp any checks or other financial receipts for deposit. All cash received shall be notated and deposited into the account designated for that line item. Deposits: An employee, officer or designee of the Association shall make any deposit of cash or check every Friday of the week the receipt is received. Automatic deposits will be tracked by staff weekly.

Disbursements of the Association

Documentation Required: Disbursements shall be paid only as a result of documentation supporting the expense. Such documentation may include Association Direct Expense Reimbursement Forms with proper attachments, invoices or other written billing.  No Disbursements over Total Budget: No disbursements may be made on payables, which are not covered by the approved budget. Payment of these obligations may only be approved by the Board. Expenses Paid from Operating Account: Expenses shall be paid by check from the Association’s operating account.

Electronic payments will be monitored by the Executive Director and Treasurer.

Disbursements Through Credit Card

Issuance of Credit Cards: The Board may approve credit cards to be issued to and in the name of the Association to be utilized by Board members and specified others representing the Association.

Authorized Credit Card Limit: Credit Card limits shall not exceed $2,500.00. Reporting of Credit Statement: Those issued a credit card shall be accountable for reconciling each monthly statement with the Executive Director as to each expense for the line item budget. All reimbursable expenses must have original receipts and documentation.

Financial Records

List of Accounts: The Treasurer, with the assistance of the Executive Director, Director of Operations, and the current accounting firm (book keeper), will create a list of accounts, which reflect the line items listed in the budget. Books and Records: All books, records, and accounts will be maintained by the Treasurer, with assistance of the Executive Director and the current accounting firm. Location of Records: All permanent records of the Association will be in the SSA Office or a secured off-site location as directed by the Board, including electronically.


Records of Current Financial Activity in Comparison to Budget: The Treasurer, with the assistance of the SSA office and the current accounting firm, will create and report on a monthly basis current financial activity in comparison to the Association’s budget and made available for the Board of Trustees with the agenda for each Board member.

Extra-Budget Expenses: The Board of Trustees shall be contacted immediately whenever any extra-budgetary expense is received.

Reconciliation of Accounts: Books and accounts shall be reconciled on a monthly basis. If the bookkeeper is an outside agency this person or group shall not be a signatory on any of the Association accounts.

After reconciliation, all records will be returned to the SSA office with a copy of the reconciliation report sent to the SSA office for distribution at the Board of Trustee meeting.

Individuals Compensated, Information to be Provided to the Association: All individuals providing a service which is compensated by the Association must provide name, address, and social security number or EIN (Form W-9) to the SSA office for the purpose of the Association’s filing IRS Form 1099 and to provide said individual with a W2.

Independent Review

All SSA accounts shall be independently reviewed periodically as determined by the Board.

Expense Reimbursement

It is expected that the Board, Committee Chairpersons, volunteers and employees of the Association will, from time to time, incur expenses on behalf of the Association. This policy presents standard procedures by which volunteer and employees may recover funds expended in the conduct of the Association’s business.

General Policy: Association volunteers and employees shall be reimbursed for actual, reasonable and proper expenditures incurred in the conduct of approved Association business. The Association’s volunteers, trustees and employees should not be penalized nor should they profit by adhering to stated Association policies with respect to expense reimbursement.

Application: These policies are applicable to all volunteers and employees of the Association. All levels of management are responsible for informing their volunteers and employees about Association policies and procedures for expense reimbursement.

Expense Reimbursement Policies

Documentation Required: Expenses shall be paid only as a result of documentation supporting the

expense. Such documentation shall include Association Expense Reports with proper attachments, invoices or other billing.

Business Meetings and Conferences: When expenses are submitted for attendance at Association business meetings, conferences, and meals with guests, the Association member should indicate on the expense report the nature of the meeting, the attendees, and other data, which may be necessary to support the expense.

Compliance with IRS Regulations: The policies, procedures and instructions contained herein are written, and may be amended, to conform with current Internal Revenue Service and Federal and State Government Regulations.

Failure to Follow Financial Policies

In the event any member, officer, committee member, employee or any other person of the Association fails to comply with these policies, the Board shall be notified.  The non-compliant person shall be  notified in writing by the Board either by delivery in person or by regular mail of the non-compliance and shall be requested to explain and or comply by a reasonable date. If the non-compliant person fails to comply by the date given, a second letter from the Board shall be delivered in person or by certified mail, return receipt requested. If sent by mail, the letter shall be considered delivered on the third day after it is placed in the U.S. Mail with sufficient postage and the correct address of the addressee. The letter shall demand compliance within fifteen (15) days after the letter is delivered or the non-compliant person shall be automatically considered in bad standing, removed from the appointive office, and prohibited from participating in any Association activity. If there is further non-compliance, the non- compliant person, shall have their membership reviewed.

Compensation for Independent Contractors

Definitions: Independent contractor: Someone who is engaged to do a job or perform an act but who maintains control over how the job is to be carried out (e.g. Referees). Compensation: Remuneration; payment for services rendered in a manner approved by the Board.

Policy Statement 11: Referee Development

Recognition of Referees

The Association recognizes that referees provide more to the game of soccer than the payment received for services rendered. The additional dedication and effort benefits the game, players and coaches.

Training & Promotion:

Entry Level Course & Recertification

SSA will cooperate with the Kansas Referee Committee in the instruction or recertification of beginning referees and assistant referees. This cooperation includes the providing of mailing labels and the use of any newsletter or web site for training announcements.

On-the-Field Instruction

Specialized instruction for referees/assistant referees will be provided on an as -needed basis by the Referee Administrator. Mentors may be selected by the Referee Administrator from among those local referees, which can demonstrate and counsel referees in the skills of effective match control.


Referees are encouraged to seek assessments of their skills as often as they feel it of benefit to their continuing development. Any fees required which result from the request of a referee for individual assessment, must be financed by the referee.

Field Marshals

Field Marshals are responsible for field assessment, referee coordination and field communication on game weekends. Field Marshals may be paid or volunteer at the discretion of the Executive Director.  Field Marshals will be responsible for canceling the match or matches for the day or portion of the day on any field, before or after the first game of the day has commenced due to lightning or inclement weather.

Field marshals shall be the reporting point for referees. The Field Marshal shall inform referees of any match or schedule changes, assist referees in clarifying schedules and match-times, and assist the public in locating specific games or players. The Field Marshal shall locate additional referee assistance to cover matches for which referees or assistant referees fail to report to their assigned fields.

Field Marshals are to note the times and teams, which do not show for scheduled matches on a form designed for that purpose. In addition, Field Marshals are to note the times and teams, which appear for a match not on the master schedule. Field Marshals are to note the referees and assistant referees, which are late or absent at the beginning of a match for which they are scheduled.

Field Marshals and referee mentors are encouraged to help referees at half time of games. They are also encouraged to interact with coaches and parents to alleviate any potential problems.

Make-up Matches

Referees which officiate a make-up match, which has not been approved by the SSA will not be paid by SSA and the match will be considered a practice match between the two teams for which the coaches are responsible for payment.


Referee System

SSA follows the guidelines of USSF of the use of a three-referee system. This system utilizes one center referee and two assistant referees. The center referee is expected to run a diagonal system and coordinate calls closely with the assistant referees. Two- person systems are permitted for U9-18 matches in extraordinary circumstances as defined by the Association. U8 matches shall utilize the one-person system. No referees are required by the Association for 4 v 4 matches.

Shortages of Referees/Assistant Referees

At any time that a shortage of referees is apparent prior to the match, the Field Marshal shall be informed by the affected coaches or parents. The Field Marshal will locate a center referee, if necessary, by moving a qualified referee from another field and shifting the referee to the field, which is shorthanded. If an assistant referee is absent from the assigned field, the Field Marshal will assign another to replace that person or authorize the use of a Club Assistant Referee or a Two-man system. If another referee or assistant referee is assigned by the Field Marshal to replace a referee or assistant referee that is late or absent, the newly assigned referee will be paid for the game. If the assigned referee or assistant referee should subsequently arrive, that referee will be used by the Field Marshal as needed but will not be paid for a match unless the Field Marshal has a subsequent need for that referee.

Club Assistant Referees

Club assistant referees may be used in all recreational and competitive matches with the approval of both team coaches. Club Assistant Referees are not paid by the association.

Club Assistant referees are individuals who are not certified by USSF, but are determined by SSA, or an agent thereof, to be proficient in soccer knowledge to the extent the individual can perform the necessary duties and responsibilities of an Assistant referee.

Club Referees

Each team will provide a parent or coach referee, for each field, in the leagues that play 4 v 4.

No other individual is allowed on the field at any time during play, other than provided there is an injury.  

Club referees are individuals who are not certified by USSF, but are determined by SSA, or an agent thereof, to be proficient in soccer knowledge to the extent the individual can perform the necessary duties and responsibilities of a referee.

Payment for Participation in Non-league and Rescheduled Games

Referees are prohibited from seeking payment from SSA for participation in non-league matches.

Cancellation of matches

If games are cancelled due to weather or field conditions officials assigned to that game will be paid the full match fee if the game in question is the first one of their shift and the officials are at the complex, and ready to officiate. If a block of matches are cancelled then the officials will only be paid for the first game of their shift. Officials will not be paid for the second and subsequent matches in the block, nor will they will be paid for cancelled matches that they did not show up for.

Policy Statement 12: Appeals and Disciplinary Committee

The purpose of this policy statement is to clarify the mission of the committee and to provide direction for the conduct of its business.


The Appeals and Disciplinary Committee has investigative jurisdiction over all actions of coaches, players, referees, and spectators attending, sponsoring, directing or preparing for SSA activities within the limits of the rules, policies, and code of conduct established and published by the Board of Trustees or Kansas Youth Soccer (KSYSA). The Appeals and Disciplinary Committee shall not have standing to counter or nullify rules or policies established by the Board of Trustees or KSYSA. The committee shall not have jurisdiction to counter or nullify discretionary decisions of referees acting in an official capacity prior to, during, or subsequent to a game.


The purpose of the Appeals and Disciplinary Committee is to investigate possible violations to the rules and policies of the Association as published by the Board of Trustees or KSYSA. The committee may then make recommendations of consequence to the Board of Trustees.

Membership of the Committee

The Appeals and Disciplinary Committee Chairperson shall be appointed for a one year period or at an ad hoc basis, by the President, upon recommendation of the Board. The membership of the committee is limited to five persons including the Chair of the committee, with at least one non-Board Member sitting on the committee, but at no time will the committee be convened for a hearing with fewer than three members impaneled and present. No hearing of the committee may be convened in the absence of the Chair of the Committee. The persons filling positions on the committee will be appointed at the discretion of the Chair of the committee. Members may be appointed, on an ad hoc basis, such that they may serve only for a single hearing or may be appointed on a one-year basis to attend each hearing of the committee. It is noted, that participation in several hearings may increase a person’s ability to ensure that actions of the committee are consistent over time. Thus, the Chair is encouraged to identify individuals who will serve as members of the committee for several hearings over a period.

Conduct of HearingsThe primary concerns include the confidentiality of hearings, the limit of participation by either side in the matter, the assurance that recommendations of the committee will not be communicated on the same date as the hearing and the prohibition against public participation.

Disciplinary Actions

The committee may make recommendations to the Board of Trustees to take action, as it feels necessary, in its discretion, to enforce the provisions of the rules and policies of the Association or KSYSA. The Board may accept the recommendation of the committee or remand it back to the committee for further study. It is required that the committee maintain such records as a guide for future actions and as a measure of effectiveness for a particular action.As an investigative element of Sunflower Soccer, the committee must review its mission as both punitive and preventative. Thus, recommended disciplinary actions must be such that they will discourage a repeat of the action by the offender and too also discourage such actions by other persons.

Due Process

This committee is to function as the investigative unit to provide due process to any individual or group through the KSYSA guidelines and policies.

Policy Statement 13: Apparent Authority

The purpose of this policy provides guidance concerning who is authorized to make public statements on behalf of or as a representative of the association and the manner in which such public statements should be handled. It also provides guidance as to the distribution of documents or other information from the association by the board.It shall be the policy of the association that any communications on behalf of the association shall be official, at the direction of the president, board or staff. No statements shall be made, either verbal or written, that conflict with the position or policy of the association. Leadership should understand, that by virtue of their position, that statements may be perceived by the public as official and on behalf of the association. To control official communications, stationary and business cards shall be for the use of the elected president and staff only. Members of the board, committees or volunteers may not use association stationary. Staff will prepare letters sent on behalf of the organization with a copy remaining in the office. Exceptions may be made to the policy so long as the purpose of the letter is made known and approved by the board in advance; if the exception is approved, a copy of the outgoing letter shall be provided to staff within 24 hours of dissemination, for permanent file.

Policy Statement 14: Conflict of Interest

The purpose of this policy is to define Sunflower Soccer’s position regarding investments in and personal dealings with any person or organization doing business or seeking to do business with SSA.It is the policy of SSA that all employees and board members observe the highest standards of business ethics. They must conduct affairs in a manner that avoids any possible conflict between duties and responsibilities of their SSA position and their personal lives. Additionally, they must avoid all appearances of conflict of interest. Finally, employees and board members shall not realize personal gain, or help from others to gain, from their position with SSA by using authority, knowledge or information not available to the public.Procedure: The Board of Trustees and the Executive Director are responsible for the administration, interpretation and approval of any variances to this policy. Legal counsel shall be consulted on all conflict matters involving questions of statutory interpretation or possible violations of applicable law.1. Any possible conflict of interest on the part of any board member should be disclosed to the other members of the board and shall be recorded in the association minutes when the interest becomes an action item.2. Any member having a duality of interest or possible conflict of interest on any matter should not vote or use his/her personal influence on the matter. The minutes of the meeting shall reflect that a disclosure was made and abstention from voting. This would include, but not be limited to:a. Relatives elected or appointed to the board.b. The privilege of deferring a vote when a conflict of interest is raised which pertains to all trustees.c. A conflict of interest issue is raised of a board member by another board member or committee member and the quorum majority acknowledges as such.3. The forgoing requirements should not be construed as preventing the board member from briefly stating his/her position in the matter, nor from answering pertinent questions of other board members since his/her knowledge may be of great assistance. 

Conflict of Interest Disclosure

1. If you or any members of your immediate family are an officer, partner, owner or employee of any entity which does business or is attempting to do business with SSA, please list the name and address of the entities, the nature of your relationship with it, and describe the dealing. If none, please state “none”.2. If you have reason to believe that any of the entities with which you or immediate members of your family are affiliated may have business dealings with SSA in the future, please list those entities and the nature of such dealings. If none, please state “none”.3. If you or your immediate family holds ownership interest in a closely-held company, or at least a 5% ownership interest in any public company, which does business with SSA, please list the name and address of the entities, the nature of your relationship with it, and describe the dealings.  If none, please state “none”.4. If there is any relationship or interest involving you, your company or any individuals or family associated with you or your company or matter not disclosed above which might be perceived to compromise your obligations to SSA under the policy concerning conflicts of interest or which may raise questions of a conflict of appearance of conflict of interest between your duty and loyalty to SSA and your economic or political self-interest, please indicate here what that relationship of matter is. In none, please state “none”.   

Policy Statement 15: SSA Support for Use of SSA Properties for Non-League Activities

Sunflower Soccer Association strongly supports initiatives, which expand the number, type and quality of soccer activities for SSA participants. Interest by participants has been shown for expanded opportunities in player camps, tournaments, exhibition games, and league select teams. This policy statement is to illustrate SSA support for these activities, encourage coaches, players and parents to initiate such  activities and establish guidelines for the use of SSA authority, insurance, and leased or managed facilities.

Initiation of Activity

A request for the use of SSA property for soccer activities outside league play and regular scheduled practices must be made in writing to the Board of Trustees by any coach or parent whose team or player is registered in the current or most recently completed soccer season.

Filing of Request Forms

The use of SSA fields, property must be arranged in advance by contacting the Executive Director. The purpose of the communication is to notify SSA of the type of activity for which SSA facilities are requested, whether or not monies will be generated, and if so, by whom and for what purpose. The form must include the following information:

1. Name, address, and phone number for contact and alternate.

2. Statement as to type of activity;

3. Proposed date of activity and possible alternative dates;

4. Types of facility, etc. desired;

5. Name, address and phone number of presenter (camp director; tournament director; other)


Tournaments require special conditions to be met by the requesting party. All tournaments requesting to use SSA facilities must be conducted in accordance with Sunflower Soccer Association rules and policies. (The Board of Trustees may waive this requirement, if neither the requesting organization nor any of its members or players is affiliated with Sunflower Soccer and the tournament will be used exclusively by the members of that organization.) Any tournament that will accept teams from an association in addition to Sunflower Soccer Association must be approved by KSYSA. The tournament must provide SSA with proof of liability insurance at the required KSYSA coverage level and liability waivers from all participants.

Event Dates

SSA reserves sole discretion in approving dates for activities using SSA properties. League makeup games may be played on weekday evenings and will take priority over practices.

Ten days’notice must be given in writing to SSA for game change requests. A specific field will be designated by SSA. No other fields shall be used except for the field assigned due to unanchored goals and other field equipment that may prove dangerous (this includes siblings playing on other fields). SSA requires a representative from the organization using the complex must be present for the duration.

Auditing of Financial Records

SSA reserves the right to demand any and all records, from any organization using SSA properties for the purpose of auditing the receipt and disbursement of all monies.

Tournament Defined: A tournament is a schedule of games, which have the purpose of determining, which team in a given defined category is the best. As such, a tournament has a competitive nature and requires the recording of wins and losses, or the recording of points. A tournament does not require the distribution of any type of award.


Lease Fees

A lease of fields may be approved as directed by the Executive Director and Board of Trustees for use on the basis of a fee per field schedule. This authorization is intended to allow SSA to lease field space for purposes such as Olympic Development camps, state tournaments, national tournaments, NCAA sponsored events, KSHSAA sponsored events, special camps by corporate entities or other activities.

Authority to Waive Fees

The SSA Board of Trustees is authorized to waive all or a portion of any fee. Any such waiver must be made and explained in writing on the application form. Any person or organization desiring to use SSA facilities must provide evidence of insurance in the amount satisfactory to the Board of Trustees.

Approval of Application Requests

The Board of Trustees or it’s designee in accordance with all SSA rules and policies must approve applications for all activities except those related to tournaments which require state or national sanctioning and SSA Board approval. The original of each approved application form must be kept on file in the Sunflower Soccer Office.

Due to the importance of tournament scheduling, heavy wear and tear on fields and effect on the reputation of this organization across a wide geographic area, approval of tournaments which require state or national sanctioning must receive a majority vote of the trustees present at a regularly scheduled meeting of the Board.

Cancellation of Activities

A majority of the trustees, acting to protect the Association's investment in the facilities, may withdraw approval for use of SSA properties. This statement must be stated in any agreement or contract that may be binding.