Why Become a Referee?

Through study and practice, becoming a referee can be a challenging, but very rewarding experience. Referees experience a challenge and gain new knowledge about the game.

All persons are welcome whether or not you have played soccer. There is no minimum age, but our experience has shown that those under 13 will likely have significant challenges with the course material, the written testing, and the field experience.

What is required?

To become a referee, you must be certified first.  That certification comes from attending an "Entry-Level Course" consisting of two parts: self-study in advance of the class and classroom training.  Successful completion of both parts is required for certification, as well as a minimum score on the exam.  Throughout the process, we will provide you with recommended Training Aids to help prepare and study.  To be successful, you should thoroughly prepare yourself with those Training Aids.


The Steps to Becoming a referee

Step One: Watch this Video

We encourage the parents of perspective referees to watch this video before you begin.

Step Two: Commit to Starting

Read all the material provided here. Look around the website and read-up on refereeing. Begin watching games more and more often, especially by watching the referees at the upper levels. Make a decision to take on the study and classes needed and get on board to become a referee!

Step Three: Select a Course

As soon as you're committed, find an Entry-Level Course near you that fits your schedule. This is a 1-day class of 4 hours. The rest of your day should be spent studying. You may not come late to class nor leave early, so plan accordingly.

Step Four: Get Registered

As soon as you've found a course, register for an Entry Level Course.  Important info for parents: When you register, you will need to provide information about the referee, not the parent assisting. Parents, if your child does not have email, use your own email address. You may use your email for multiple children if needed. But, provide birth dates and names for your referee, not for you. 

Step Five: Watch For Confirmation Email

After you have registered, you will receive a confirmation email within 24 hours. If you do not receive that for any reason, check your junk mail.  

Step Six: Work Hard At Self-Study

After you have registered, immediately begin your Self-Study using the Training Aids provided.

Step Seven: Classroom Day

On your class day, arrive 15 minutes early and be sure to bring these 3 items. No refunds will be issued.

  • Bring your completed Certificate from your Self-Study
  • Bring something to write with and paper to take notes
  • Wear comfortable clothes for working indoors.

Step 8: Certification!

If you achieve a combined 80% on the tests, you will pass the class and become certified to referee. You will be provided with a badge to wear on your uniform valid for the calendar year ahead. If you do not pass your exam, you may re-take the exam on Kansas Game Officials to attain the passing score as long as you do so within 7 days of the last day of your class.

Referee Gear

 The gold shirt is the primary jersey color for referees so it should be the one jersey you purchase right away.

Stay Current

Get the latest set of laws from FIFA, the governing body of soccer all around the world.